Unsere Produktpalette umfasst hochpräzise Stanz- und Biegeteile..
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Our product assortment ranges from precision punched and bent parts with material thicknesses of 0.02 - 2.0 mm and a band with up to 150 mm.

In addition we manufacture complete structural components and metal-synthetic compound parts. All surface treatments desired are available in our production programme.

Beside the stamping, bending and assembling products we also develop complete assembly lines for you.


Below some of the stamping products we made are shown.


Below some of the bending products we made are shown.


Below some of the assembeld products we made are shown.

IDC Terminal

We produce IDC Terminal for different copper wire with diameter from 0.13- 1.02mm (WAG36- AWG18). This IDC Terminal we can produce with customer specifications for soldering pin or plug connection.

For perfect gas proof und flexible connection for conductor boards we developed our PATPIN terminal. This Terminal has a flexible press fit and fulfilled all requirements and specification for the IEC 60352 (DIN 60352-5) Automotive norm.

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